Spreadsheet help for CA correction

To make a chart and add and format a trendline.

select the columns clicks in the chart wizard 1. Select the first column that you need, keep the Ctrl key and select the second column.

2. Start the chart wizard. (look for cursor at left)

3. In the wizard select XY scatter / chart type / next

4. (left) select next

5. (right) fill Chart title /value X-axis /value Y-axis / click next

5. And voila, this is the finished chart

Add a trendline

1. (left) Select the graph in the chart by clicking on it.

2. Right click and select add trendline

3. Under Type tab: click polynomial/ order 4

4. Click next.

5. (left) Under option tab mark:

set intercept = 0
display equation on chart
dsiplay R-squared value on chart

6. (right) select the displayed equation and right click
7. select format data labels

8. (left) Select number tab

9. select: number / decimal places: 7

10 click OK.

11. (right) the equation is displayed in 7 decimal places.

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